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Who we are

Dear visitor,

I am proud to present Estampaciones Aguirre, where since 1978 we have been stamping a wide variety of pieces for a diverse range of markets, mainly for the automobile industry and household appliances.

Every day we strive to satisfy your needs through our work.

Our website makes it possible for you to find all our latest developments and ensure the viability of your project, however complex it may be.

General Management

Our vision

  • Our goal is being a profitable European company with effective solutions, appreciated by our clients, suppliers, employees and institutions alike. We are specialists in the manufacture of complex stamped pieces, welding, small assemblies and painting.

  • We want to be known as the best option within the technical stamping market for the automobile sector in the whole of Europe.

  • Our greatest asset is a motivated, integrated team oriented towards innovation and the Client, maintaining the highest commitment to the environment.

Estampaciones Aguirre throughout the world

We stamp all types of complex pieces; we are experts in the field. We also weld and deep draw components; we deburr, provide clean pieces, apply surface treatments and epoxy paint, etc.

Approximately 70% of our sales are for the automobile sector and 30% for household appliances.

We work with aluminium, carbon steel, high-tensile steel and stainless steel.

Half of our production is for clients outside Spain: we manufacture for Germany, France, Poland, Portugal, the Netherlands, Turkey, Japan, Brazil, the United Kingdom, Italy, Mexico and the United States, among others.