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What we do

We stamp all types of metal pieces on automated production lines, using progressive dies and transfers. In addition, we have hydraulic presses for the most demanding deep drawing. We have a resistance welding line with five machines with powers from 120 to 630 KVA. We also have a double degreasing, polishing and deburring line. We apply surface treatments to our pieces, such as electrolytic or organic coatings with epoxy paint.

All this takes place in accordance with the client-defined requirements with respect to rust-proofing.

We have a treatment tunnel for the entire MICROCRYSTALLINE PHOSPHATE coating process, which provides 1,000 hours of protection in saline fog chamber testing.

Approximately 75% of our sales are for the automobile sector and 25% for household appliances.

Our main raw materials are aluminium, carbon steel, high-tensile steel and stainless steel.

We export 50% of our production to clients in Germany, France, Poland, Portugal, the Netherlands, Turkey, Japan, Brazil, the United Kingdom, Italy, Mexico and the United States.


Our resources

  • We have a 50-strong team (32 people involved in direct labour and 18 in structure)
  • We occupy a space of 8,000 m2.
  • 25 stamping production lines of various capacities (from the smallest press up to 1600 T).
  • 1 welding line, with 5 machines from 120 to 630 KVA.
  • Polishing, deburring, cleaning and stress elimination equipment for stamped pieces.
  • We have our own die machining and maintenance workshop.
  • 2 shift system.


We are continually working to improve our processes in order to provide higher quality and service for our clients with lower environmental and production costs.

We always listen to the needs of our clients and provide solutions which imply a qualitative jump in quality and cost. We collaborate in developing your product.


The strategy of Estampaciones Aguirre is continuous improvement, relying on significant provisions for the improvement of our production means and processes. In particular:

  • New resources (presses, welding machines, deburrers, etc.).
  • Quality assurance elements (poka-yokes, control and measurement tools, etc.)
  • Environmental and sustainability elements.